Definition of a day is SUNRISE TO SUNSET (basically 24 hours)(theres no other definition for it a day is a day and not 7000 days get it) now lets get to the question

The bible says in the begining god created the heaven and earth and than created animals plants and than finally created man than from that created women

NoW all this were made in 7 DAYS (Genesis)


DId Dinosaurs co exist with men?
according to the bible all the animals came first and than man came afterwards and all this happened in 7 days 7x24 hours well if this is true than surely the dinosaurs must have co existed with adam and eve?right (theres no if s or buts about this)
so t he next question gets raised is

Were the Dinosaurs friendly creatures mans best friend or were they scared creatures who hid in the jungle (possible iguana like behavior) or did they feed on humans?
so the next question arises

how the hell did they die?

Did men (adam and eves decedents)kill all the dinosaurs because they were a threat OR were theykilled in a flood or disaster?

Final question RISES WHY ISNT there any mention of dinosaurs in the Bible? so what the dinosaurs were insignificant to mention? or is it that the dinosaurs were all dead and the guys who started writing the bible had never seen of heard of the dinosaurs
NOW this is alot of questions which arises just because the bible says that everything was made in seven days i,ve herad numerous churches saying that the evolutionary theory is fake ridiculous and that man did not evolve from a monkey well we arnt here to talk about man but we are here to talk about dinosaurs and did they coexist with men

so far the only logical theory which explains almost every question about dinosaurs is the evolutionary theory which says that dinosaurs came first about millions of years ago and than got extinct and than came men after millions of years where they didnt have to come in contact in with the dinosaurs…

BUT if you look at it from the bibles point of veiw it says other wise ,it talks about stuff happening in days 7 DAYS IS 7 DAYS therefore implying dinosaurs coexisted with humans raising serious questions about dinosaurs behavior and what led to there extinction?
if you argue other wise about the days definition and try and tell me that 7 days is 7 milliondays than all days and definitions in the bible too will mean the same too eg youll call 40days and 40 nights 400billion days and nights now that cant be right can it

it could have been humans who killed all the dinosaurs but if that were true than why the hack is there no mention about dinosaurs in the bible?

SO which one is right EVOLUTIONARY THEORY or the bible?

because if you choose evolutionary theory than it explains all about dinosaurs meaning animals world and humans werent made in 7 days and 7 nights i,mplying thebible is wrong. And if you choos ethe bible than your implying that science and the evolutionary theory is wrong and than your further implying that dinosaurs coexisted with men raising questions on how they were killed or murdered who or what caused there extinction redifining the behaviour of the dinosaurs.

MY veiw is I go for the evolutoinary theory men evolved and that the dinosaurs were extinct by the time we came.because thats the logical explanation which adds up:yes:

Remember THIS THREAD IS ABOUT DINOSAURS!! please use your brain before you comment for once blender renegade is being serious:D

Ask yourself this: how much is 7 days, and how fast can you or your pet grow in that short period of time?

(that’s my answer to your question)

Dinosaurs did exist with man. God created them on the day that he created man.

Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible, the leviathan and the behemoth. I post later which dinosaurs they were, but right now I have forgotten.

Obviously there was no death or fear before the fall, (eating the forbidden fruit)
but many people believe that God stirred something in the animals to make them
dangerous. When the fruit was eaten the whole world was cursed.

Every creature boarded the Ark with Noah, even the dinosaurs (not all those big dinosaurs, for them the babies and younglinges boarded, not the large adults)

The dinosaurs probably died out because of the large amount of vegetation they needed, that got wiped away during the flood.


In Job the Leviathan greatly resembles the Kronosaurus and the Behemoth greatly resembles the Brachiosaurus.


so if the dinosaurs did coexist with men it proves science wrong and if they didnt coexist with men it proves the bible wrong
but the bigger question is that dinosaurs were friendly creatures how was there behaviour and what led to there extinction sure the herbivors got extinct because there was no grass but what about the trex ? who ate meat only there were plenty of humans around meaning plenty of food (so i dont see how the carnivores died unless they were deliberately killed by humans?thats if the bibles right about this)

remeber all animals went on the ship meaning even the trex carnivores

Perhaps Dinosaurs were here… and the Earth was in a different state, not yet the Earth known to the man of God… Then God created the Heavens and the Earth by eradicating the dinosaurs and essentially terraforming the planet. In the book of Revelation and other places in the Bible, it is said that God prefers to use meteors/comets for destroying things. As a Christian I am curious to know what exactly happened. My idea is the only thing I’ve been able to arrive at while maintaining the principals of Biblical teaching and the scientific evidence we have.

There are even more theories out there I suppose but I am betting that many of them require some very …“abstract” thinking. ie. that there are multiple Gods, of which the God that created man is the supreme, the creator of everything… perhaps there was a lizard deity and he was overtaken? Or perhaps you could subscribe to the thought that creation, being an act of omnipotence stretches forwards but also backwards… and the moment of our creation was a duality of creation in the negative… um… plane (not sure how to quantify creation… The fossils and whatnot being bleedover from the intersection of those two points.

Regardless of what actually happened, I would like to point out that evidence of man’s existence does not stretch back to the prehistoric eras. I’m not going to wiki it, but if memory serves, man is thought to have been dated back to the end of the Ice Age.

Why do other species go extinct? Dinosaurs are no different, its because they cannot coupe with the environment.

Most dinosaurs were herbivores, so they died of lack of vegetation.
You can only imagine that if all those carnivores came running up to men and said
“Let me eat you!”, that men would only fight back.

Here is a collection of human art that has various images that represent dinosaurs. They obviously were not archaeologists, so their depictions must be based on direct observation.


Genesis 1:2a

Now the earth was formless and empty

some translations say 'void, nothing, nadda. There was nothing but God, in the beginning.

Dude, multiple gods? That is almost the very opposite of what the Bible teaches. But in one way there are two ‘gods’, GOD, and Satan.

OK please dont speak in riddles put a definet answer to it either , evolutionary or bible which one is it for you?

Remeber its about the Dinosaurs

Ah, sorry.

In India they worshiped lizards and reptiles, But on one journey Marco Polo made to India
he said that he saw giant hissing lizards locked inside of caves. Also they were trying to break out…so, don’t think any ole lizard would be in that circumstance.

Don’t know where your getting your info -oh the chruch right? but humans are dated back to their origins of 4 million years. Now thats prehistoric for me - but doesn’t mean we ever co-existed with dinosaurs - thats 65 million years. End of the ice age? ha 10,000 years - don’t even think the church belives the planet is that old!!

This really only is an issue if you are treating the Bible as an authoritative and accurate recount of history. Some do, others don’t. If you do, then there are issues to resolve with respect to when/how long/etc. For those that don’t believe in it as authoritative and accurate, there’s no real problem to resolve.

That said, these two pictures are just fantastic and since they are topical - I felt they should be included.

(Note: This isn’t from a real coloring book.)


and this one which doesn’t seem to allow hotlinking:

OK, I believe that the dinosaurs did exist, but the actual Hebrew that the Bible was written in says that it was 7 periods of time not literally days.
Also it says (I cant recall where) that a day is as a thousand years to the Lord, so since the animals were created the day before man, they very well could have lived a thousand years before man was created.
I also believe that they were not as dangerous as science tells us and I believe they were killed by the flood because the were getting dangerous.

This proves both the Bible and science to be correct in one way or another.

I’m sorry, while this thread is going fine so far, I’m still going to lock it because no good can come of it. Bible vs. science threads only lead to trouble.