Hi, I’ve been working on a dinosaur project - here you’ll find updates to the dinosaurs and anything involved with the project.

latest: Trex retopo progress

Dyntopo sculpt is finished and I made a decimated duplicate of it for retopology. I didn’t detail the inside of its mouth, so I’ll do that in multi-res. and the claws might be made as separate meshes.

I’ll most likely be using RetopoFlow for retopology, but it might take a while - never used it before, but it looks like it might speed it up a little :slight_smile:

Making some progress with the retopology. It’s not a full retopology - just some parts. Most of it was done using the original base mesh subdivided once and shrinkwrapped to the sculpt - the rest was remade, mainly the inside of the mouth. Still fixing some parts of it like the eye area, nose, gums and mouth, but it’s going well. I also separated the claws for now.

Before going further, I wanted to see how this mesh would deform during animation. I’m working on the rig and weight painting today and I gave it a quick test with a walk cycle - it doesn’t loop smoothly and there’s much room for improvement, but it was more so a test to see how the current weight painting is acting.

Still need to fix the weight painting around the leg area, under the arms and a few other places. The eyes and teeth aren’t included yet so I hid them.