Direct Dimensional Productions Opportunities.

Hello there dear reader.

I am the current director of Direct Dimensional Productions (DDP). If any of you out there are ready and willing to join the project that I list below then feel free to send me a private message. NOTE: These projects are ongoing and will be completed with or without your help, it just changes the time scale of the current plan.

The project is Tenebris. Tenebris is a Trilogy of stories telling the tale of Silus’ “hero’s Journey” to find his father encountering obstacles and troubles along the way eventually finding to save his father, he also needs to save the people. Meeting his companions and other people, some with heart wrenching backstories he will travel the galaxies through the darkness to find the light in his fathers eyes.

The film is NOT the project. The project is actually a 2 minute trailer that shows the essence of the first film. Currently the project finish date is 15 Dec 2014. The current standing of the project is that the screen play is in its final editing after being beta read. Character concepts are underway and nearly complete though the final modeling/texturing/rigging etc of the characters is something that still needs to be done. I have a composer lined up and ready to go once the screenplay is finished and I give him the basic tune of what I would like to feel when watching the trailer. Basic storyboards have been thumbnailed but not properly drawn out due to the delay on the screenplay though camera angles and basic composition is nearly set up. The Pre production phase of this project is set to end by the start of the new year.

In addition I have limited support from Kevan Shorey, an animator from dreamworks who has agreed to help me with major issues as long as I do not use him as a tool (after all he has a full time job). I also believe he would like to view the final project. As a final idea at the end of pre production I will send the concepts out to a few professional animators to get their view on how the project is doing. Other parts will go to relevant people for critique (for example, character design will be emailed to a few Artists to get their take on it.) This project is not what I think is right, this project is continually verified and checked. Proof of this is when the story set out it had no definition of what the main plot point was, where as now there are clear objectives laid out. Even though the main story is not the main production, getting it right paves the way to making a well constructed trailer.

DDP is simply the name I give to any productions that are made with more people than myself. Since currently I have a couple of people working on it, it is no longer my personal work and classed as DDP. It is possible the local theater to me will provide voice actors but THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED. If not a voice actor search will be carried out online. I admit, it is one of the weak parts of the project.

So if you are interested in contributing in any small part to this project, feel free to message me. I only ask that you can give what you have, and I only want people who are excited to work on this project. I have no time, for time wasters. However any help you could give, be it;
You can help with story
You can Beta check
You can model
You can texture
You can help with lighting
You can animate
You can do anything related to blender or even movies in general

I am an honest man. There is no guarantee that this project will succeed. I will be the first to admit that, but it will be finished, failure or not. My experience with a project like this? This is my first major project outside of engineering. So if that puts you off then fair enough, however I do counter that lack with planning, practice, and patience.

I would not want to involve anyone in some kind of contract while this is being produced. That is unless you want to be. The idea of this project is one that, if you feel you can add to it then you can, but if not someone else will do it, probably me. All I ask is you don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you say “Okay I’ll model the ‘Horizon’” and I note that in the schedule and you don’t turn out with the promise then… I’ll only really be able to be disappointed in you and you make more work for me as I could have given someone else that task.

Anyone involved with the work will receive credit (obviously). This is not the biggest project ever, being only two minutes long, but it is set with realistic targets and a schedule to keep things on track. The project has been in development since the 9th Feb 2013 and was greenlit as the main project on 14th July 2013. Most things are kept on record (even if just jotted in a note book somewhere).

Tenebris is still in pre production at this present time, so little 3D work is to be carried out until the 6th Jan 2014 (with exception of early concepts) but if you feel you can help with that or help in the future, please contact me and we can discuss how you can put your own little part inside Tenebris.

Thank you for reading.

(Below is a few of the older Pre-production pieces, pre-production is only really starting to pick up speed now though)

I have a lot of free time ,tell me how I can help you