direct game to Ipo tutorial

I have writen a simple tutorial describing how to save motion from game engine to Ipo curves to use it in animation. It uses direct saving without temporary files.

cool, i’ll give it a try.


I have updated file in tutorial. Now it allows recording of position and rotation of multiple objects. It’s very easy to use it in your files, just append object named Recorder, adjust its near sensor and add property “ipo” to objects you want to be recorded.

this is cool, this is VERY cool - pretty straight-forward to use, and EASY to use, too! great!

a whole new bunch of possibilities arise, like bones being driven by physical simulation and such… wow…

thanks so much!

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Last updates so far:
Framerate is read from current scene settings.
Jumping in rotations is reduced by using angle offset (for example: transition from 178 degrees to -177 degrees is saved as 178 -> 183). Maximal offset is controlled by property maxRot.

I have created test animation using recorder tool at

coool :slight_smile:

are you willing to share the trick you used for floating? (in case it’s not manually tweaked :wink: )

I placed a circle mesh on the bottom of glass and set to it material with dynamics settings Fh Force and Fh Dist. This causes cubes to dive into glass and then float up.
Motion of cubes is completely generated by game engine.

ahh, fh force/dist… just tried (works perfect). never actually used that before.

again thanks for script and tip :slight_smile:


This is very cool work! Please make sure to post your script and tutorial in the Script List! So that it doesn’t get lost.

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I always wondered if I could do something like that!

I’ve used this script before, and it worked fine. I just have to remember to press “Enable All Frames” in the game buttons before starting the game. Otherwise, the anim is very slow when I have done everything else.

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