Direct X format support

(Psilocybin) #1

Hello I am a newbie around here and I haven’t use blender for ages. I just downloaded it a few hours ago. Back in the days when it first came out I took a look at it and then decided that it wasn’t the right thing for me. That has changed now. What I wanted to ask is if is possible to write a module of some kind that would allow blender to import the direct X *.x format which can contain geometre UV coords bone animation and that sort of stuff. I find blender not suited for modelling as well as other packeges 3dmax truespace rhino etc and I want to use my own models that I made in a external program. If I was going to write something like that would I have to take anything into considiration that might be usefull? Has anyone already made python modules that can import different file formats and what were the obstacles.

I have knowledge of programmering but not I haven’t used python much yet because I didn’t find it as powerfull as the languages I was using. Is it hard to jump over to python if you’re fimiliar with VB C PHP?

(Ben) #2

-You can find a direcxtX Exporter here:

-It exports UV texture,animation(but not bones animation,only object animation)
-I’m workin on the importer X format(but I think it would not be available very soon)