directx exporter problem [solved]

I´m using the latest blender release directx exporter,because the program I´m using accepts only mdl,md2,md3,x and 3ds model formats.I tried all of the formats avaible in blender exporter and only the x format worked…for a time.

When exporting my charater model no problems occurs,but when exporting with a animation the result is a blank screen or a deformed model.I would like to know if there is a better blender to x exporter out there?

sorry for wasting the forum space with this.The problem ocurred because I was treating the bone animation in the blender like the bone animation of a direct x file,which was wrong.I will say here the solution for future searchers: the faces with problems must be assigned to a bone,that´s all…very simple

I cant get .X export to work properly with my model so I am intrigued as to how you got it to work ? Is your model one single mesh object or multiple objects ?
Any tips how you got it to work pleae ?

delete all the lights/ camars/ emptys from the scene. if you are using a armature parent it to the mesh instead of using the armature modifier. make sure that bone names dont have spaces in them