Dirty wall procedural texture, how do I add dirt?

I have a pretty simple node setup but I have no clue how to add a dirty look to it.

Those are the nodes I’m using, I tried different things but I’m lost here.

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do you want to use an image texture or do you want to do it 100% procedurally?

I’m trying to go 100% procedural on this

You should try with these 2 nodes:
Input > Ambient Occlusion
or Geometry > Pointiness
that you plug into the factor of a MixRGB or Mix Shader

I tried both and tweaked but they don’t really do much :frowning:

you need to put a Converter > Math (multiply) or a ColorRamp node between the ones I cited and the Mix Shader factor so that you can increase the effect, and of course you need to plug 2 different enough Diffuse shaders in the Mix Shader

uv tex.blend (4.1 MB) you can do it with uv-s … clamp or repeat … the textures will go whatever you uv on … !

. something like adding decals with uv-s … and you can use ambient occlusion to act like crevases detect, or invert it to act like surface detect

@sebastian84, he wants a full procedural solution :wink:

Procedural is pretty new to me, so I don’t know how to actually do that. I don’t really know how to apply that to the ones I have already set up :frowning:

one thing to take notice : procedural will eat a lot of cpu and gpu

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Here is what it gives, it might need to be combined with some noise to make it a bit more natural perhaps

If I add a Noise

Dont forget dirty vertex colors! always helpful.

yes but it needs a topology with enough vertices, so not always convenient I guess

You can use the Bevel Node to find all the edges and add dirt that way…there is a tutorial on YouTube but that realy forces you into cycles, doesn’t work as well in eeVee.

I was playing after I replicated your node tree…and used your original and grouped it and then added my own that I had in another file…with a mix node…That’s basically all you have to do, is find a node tree that will produce grunge as you want and add it to the original node tree…something like this…

Here is the blend-file…Stone-Dirt.blend (1.0 MB)