Disable drag-transform


I am rather new to Blender, coming mostly from Maya, and there is one thing that irritates me - the transform on mouse drag behavior. Is there any way to disable that? I.e. when I am selecting faces, if I accidentaly drag the mouse a bit instead of just clicking, it will go into transform mode and start moving the faces around. I would like to disable this, in other words to have it go into transform mode only when I press the corresponding hotkey.


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Is there a reason you have the transform widget/manipulator on ? You can just disable it if it is bothering you . Hotkey combo Ctrl-Space or you can also enable/disable in the 3D header .

It doesn’t seem to make a difference - manipulator on or off, selecting something, in object or edit mode, then holding the mouse button and dragging begins transforming the selection. So far, I don’t see any way to prevent it.

Mouse gestures are very useful! You should learn how to use them to your advantage.
If you drag with LMB (mouse gestures)- LMB to confirm transformation, RMB - to cancel transformation
If you drag with RMB (immediate transformation)- LMB to confirm transformation, RMB - to cancel transformation
(If “Drag Immediatelly” button is on (in User Preferenses Window -> Edit Methods) - turn it off or use Ctrl+Z to undo transformation)

As far as i can see the only way to disable mouse gestures and RMB transforms is to actually go into the code and manually take them out or turn them off. Unfortunatly I nor anyone ive seen or talked to knows where to find the code or how to edit it. So until either someone figures it out, or they add a dissable button into the program your kinda stuck with them. If you have a tablet i recommend learning them because it can be easier sometimes, if not RMB is your friend and so is ctrl+z.

Bumping this after 12 years - it’s really annoying that there is no way to disable the drag-transform when selecting stuff. You can change the drag threshold in the settings, but IMO there should be a way to disable it completely in Object/Edit Mode.