Disable viewport rotation?


I had two monitors with two windows opened for the same session. Monitor #1 is for user perspective which I will frequently pan, zoom and rotate. Monitor #2 is Top Ortho which I don’t need to rotate but just pan and zoom. However when I’m working on #1 and I have to pan the view in #2, I have to click once on the second monitor to have it activated then Shift+Middle mouse button to pan, otherwise the viewport will just ignore the Shift key and rotate.

So my question is, is it possible to disable rotation in #2 so no matter what I do, it won’t rotate. And is there a way to use different hotkeys for two separate windows, so that for #1, Middle mouse button is for rotation and in #2 is for pan.


Not sure why lock is only an option in quadview, but as a workaround you could create an orto camera for the top view, lock the rotations. Not sure about that hotkey thing, I’d say there’s no easy way without scritping.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll try the camera and maybe search for some scripts.