Disappearing Bones in Pose Mode - video


It shows the bones in edit mode, and how they’re gone in pose mode. I can still move them, and they’re still selected, they simply don’t show. The “eye” symbol is still on, and ALT+H doesn’t make them reappear.

What have I done? I’ve been having this issue for a while, I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong here. :no:

Try deleting the keyframes they have for location, scale and rotation (green and yellow numbers in the screencast)

Keep in mind that bone is “placed” in 3D space in Edit mode. This is the home position for the bone. In pose mode, bones can be moved abut and new position gets recorded with key frame. So, what you are seeing is bone pose at the frame 1. The bone was place off the screen and key framed somehow.

To reset the bone to home position, select all bones in pose mode,go to Dope sheet and hit Delete button. All key frame highlighted yellow will be deleted. Than in pose mode, menu select Pose >Clear Transform > All.

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Thank you so much! Clearing the transform fixed it~ :o
I’m so happy. <3

Okay, ridix, you sir, are also a lifesaver!