disappearing cursor


Some of my students are having the problem of thier 3d cursor disappearing, i haven’t seen what they have done to make it disappear or if it a system problem.

We are using 2.45 & 2.46 on mac osx 10.4 & 10.5

When you select an object and try to rotate it around the cursor the object just disappears. I have tried seaching but ave had no luck.

Does anyone have a suggestion on getting it back?

Cheers Chris72

Have you tryed selecting your object, going into edit mode, and then pressing “Shift>S” and then select Cursor>selected? this should snap the cursor to your object, and since, when you rotate an object it revolves around your cursor, this should solve your problem.

Hi 3D Geek, you are a legend!!!
That has brought back the cursor. I have been trying to fix this for a while.

Cheers Chris 72