Disappearing objects in camera mode

Is this a known issue or me being thick (again)?

When I choose “camera” as a viewing mode and move away from and object (within reason though) it seems to disappear behind a solid grey wall beyond a certain point.

I currently have a grid of streets (1000x1000 units) and the "wall effect"occurs beyond something like 300 units.

it’s all pretty basic meshwise so it can’t really be memory even on my puny G4.

Maybe it’s to do with the cam setting? But then I keep experimenting with the params and still get the invisibility issue.

Any hints appreciated,

Marco :slight_smile:

Select your camera and press f9 to show the edit pane,Switch on the limits button,this will give you an indication of how far the camera can see , increasing the end value will increase the distance the camera will see.

Thanks dude!!

“View Properties” does a similar trick but it never got me there. Another important stretch of learning curve covered!

Marco :slight_smile:

View properties is for non-camera views … which you may or may not already know :smiley:


now I know :wink: