Disappearing Objects

I am fairly new to Blender so excuse me if this is a no-brainer problem.

Issue: I was practicing with models (lightsabers). I was working on the third one in the scene and when I moved out to view from a distance I realized everything else was gone but that one object I was working on. Everything means everything; cameras, lamps, empties and other objects. My first reaction was &*%#… I just deleted everything else by accident. (I had also just saved). But I noticed in the “outliner” window everything was there and accounted for. I rendered it out of curiosity and it acts like everything is there. My lamps are still in the right place as is the camera. I have extensively searched online for a solution but I just can’t figure out what I have done. These saber models were just for practicing. They were of little importance but I am sure I don’t have to tell you that when you put hours of work into something it doesn’t matter how insignificant it is…

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Check that you objects aren’t on a different layer to the active one you are viewing.

I appreciate the tip but I just figured it out. I had hit “/” on the number pad. It was frustrating but at least I learned something new. Is that key just used to isolate objects to work on or is there more to it?

I believe that is its only purpose, it sure is handy when working on a busy scene to be able to isolate a single object, I use it all the time.

Another thing to look at when working on complex scenes is to use layers