Disappearing Path?

I’m trying to parent a cube to a path curve, but for some reason it won’t follow the curve, Also, anytime I select something other than the path curve, it dissapears! Help!

Bah! Now it’s following the curve, but starting too early in the animation, is there any way I can keep it from starting until the 150th frame?

Edit the ipo.


I would, but for some reason the IPO curve isn’t showing up o.O;

Is it possible that you have created a path constraint instead of parenting to the curve “Normal” way ?

Maybe, could you explain that to me please?

Even with a path contraint, the curve IPO influence the animation.


Well, Teeth is right of course, so forget that one. Let me see… are you sure the curve is a PATH and not a Bezier Curve? If you do Normal Parent to a regular Bezier curve it won’t work… Are you looking into Path option in IPO window (Object by default) ?
If you are in Solid mode, and you’re using some different than Blender 2.35, curves are not displayed… maybe your case ?

Yes ^.^ I’m in solid mode so that explains that, And I deffinitely chose a path, rather than a Bezier curve. For some reason though, I can’t see the IPO lines? o.O; they just aren’t showing up at all.

When you go into the IPO editor window, select the pick-box at teh bottom and change it to Path (right now it is probably set to Object)

Then your IPO should show up.

the path has to be selected in order for the [path] button to show up