DiSaronno on the rocks...


Some of you might recognise the picture from the Test topic. It’s still not perfect but I guess it’s good enough to post it in finished projects. Maybe I’ll edit some things about it when I’ve got the time for it.

It’s a disaronno-bottle; an italian liqeur (from Saronno) with some glasses (with ice-cubes in it) next to it. It’s modeled in blender, rendered with yafray.

Hope you like it.


Nice modeling :slight_smile:

you may want to make a darker background/backdrop, or, place a light in front of the bottle somewhere…

If you are using AO ,I personaly would turn up the exposure to double what you have it…

verry wonderfully modeled bottle and glasses… he material is verry good too, I like your glass as well :slight_smile:

a slight reflection from the table might add some easy life to the scene as well… I like the dark counter look :slight_smile:

great stuff, Thanks for shareing :slight_smile:

Thnx for the nice reply poof. I’ll defenitely re-render this work (with other settings) because I’m not totally happy with it yet.

I like to thank you for your suggestions! One question: what’s AO? (sorry for this noob-question.:o I searched for it on the forum and in the manual but didn’t find it.)


nice work!
but as you know the render isnt revealing the good modeling done.
as for AO: its Ambient Occlusion, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambient_occlusion clearly explains the basic. This scene needs some nice lights too.

you can also use yafray with Global Illumination, that would make it look neat as well

looking forward to a new render :),
keep it up mate

Nice.Im trying to make somethign like that right now lol.

Good luck with it! :wink:
Which render-prog are you going to use? Blender internal or Yafray?

We actually have that bottle. Let’s have have drink with Michael Corleone.
How did you get that distorted glass thickness, it looks very real.


Thnx for the comment digiman!

I started with a simple cube, which I extruded inwards. Then I’ve put a Musgrave texture on it and set it to “Nor” in “Map To”. (It’s that what we call bump-mapping, right? Or normal-mapping? :confused: )

Gallardo (aka Michael Corleone :wink: )

I do think this a nice looking scene. Not much of a drinker(im 13) but it looks very nice. Clean and cool.