Disc slot is too pointy - best way to curve it?

Hi everyone,

I modelled a Wii console, but I mistakenly made the disc slot too pointy at the top & bottom. What would be the best way to make it into a neat curve without defaulting to remodel and do it over again? I’m quite new to Blender and I’m slowly getting to grips with certain modelling techniques.

Please let me know how best I can improve this. Thank you in advance

can you post a wirefame?

Of course! My bad, forgot to include that. Here you go:

In order to avoid lots of manual effort which is painful and time consuming…

Instead you might be able to fake the slot rather than getting right. Rather than making a hole in the white geometry you can place a floating piece that barely surfaces on top of the white surface.

This is more like a “drawing technique” and not 3D precision modeling, so exactly it depends on what level of accuracy you want. Since you might not be interested to produce CAD references and just show an image it will be a good enough solution.

Perhaps an alternative option would be to subdivide the white surface enough times and then cut open a hole. Then slide again this blue surface, but extrude inwards to give it a slot as well.