Discombobulator 2.63 Released!

with a huge thanks to JaceP especially :slight_smile:
Discombobulator for Blender 2.63
Now in Contrib svn!
get it here: Discombobulator Blender SVN
or soon enough it will be in svn builds :0

thanks to everyone involved for their help & patience.

I’d love to see this brought back to life and Bmesh friendly too.

removed by author : not vaild anymore :slight_smile:

removed by author : not vaild anymore :slight_smile:

Hi meta-androcto:
maybe this helps?

import bpy
from mathutils import Vector
o_d = bpy.context.active_object.data

def center(o_d,polygon_index):
    tmp = [o_d.vertices[el].co for el in o_d.polygons[polygon_index].vertices]
    v0 = Vector()
    for el in tmp:
        v0 += el
    nr_verts = len(tmp)
    return v0/nr_verts
for i in range(len(o_d.polygons)):

pkgh, thanks,
I’ll give it a go tonight.

Fixed and working for 2.63. See the attached ZIP file.

Due to the nature of Discombobulator I don’t see this ever actually supporting N-gons. It’s wired for 4 verts and relies on being able to divide faces cleanly. That isn’t possible with an n-gon. In fact, if you’ve noticed, the script used to throw an error if a triangle was present. Truly supporting n-gons would mean changing the behavior of Discombobulator significantly and would result in a subdivision of ngons that would most likely not resemble the subdivision of quads in the mesh.

That said, I’ve changed the behavior so that it only acts on selected quads. It ignores triangles and ignores and polygons with more than 4 vertices. In this condition the script is true to it’s original form and fully compatible with bmesh/2.63.

Discombobulator_263.zip (6.2 KB)

bump, good news coming soon.

Minor modifications. Removed a couple extraneous prints. Also flagged all discombobulated polygons as selected so you can discombobulate recursively without having to switch to edit mode (thanks Meta-androcto).[ATTACH]181244[/ATTACH]

Here’s another version, minor fixes. Removed a couple extraneous prints. Also flagged all discombobulated polygons as selected so that you can discombobulate recursively without switching into edit mode.

Discombobulator_263_v3.zip (6.24 KB)

Nice progress, but it does not really work correctly.
For instance, the original discombobulator supported repeat extrusions and was interactive. This one just crashes (context incorrect) if you click the Discombobulate button with repeat extrusion set higher than 1.

hi Atom,
did you try the update?
it should work?
please let us know if you have any issues.

I did try the update and I do get more repeats but the context error still exists. So you are not seeing that? Put the cube in edit mode. Select the top face. Click the discombobulate button.

Will look at this shortly.

bump, released & in addons contrib. :slight_smile:
awesome thanks to JaceP for his help.

Hello. I’m new to actually sculpting with Blender. Where to I extract the zip file to and how do I activate it within Blender? Thanks!

Just browse the zip from file>preferences>addons>install add on. Then use search in the upper left corner.

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wow really nice plug… thanks!

Maybe a little little description in the first post would help though! :smiley:

Thanks for this one. Just started playing around with it and it looks like a real time saver.