Discombobulator question

Would it be possible to model something like the picture below with the discombobulator script? It looks like it just makes rectangles and no tris as the below pattern would require.


I doubt it, since the shapes are more complex than only the simple rectangles that the script produces. I’m rather sure, if it is possible, it would need some heavy experimenting or the help of the creator.

But I’m not too sure, I have only used it a few times…I always greeble manually :wink:

To me, that looks more like what you might get with a noisy crackle texture displaced into a mesh, anyway. Strange as it may sound, I think the discombobulator may be a little too structured for that particular look.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to model it by hand. Shouldn’t be too hard, just a bunch of cubes set into a background really…