Discombobulator script problem

can’t get this running in 2.42 - the console error when I run the script says “object must be linked to object data” - what do I do?

hi TheNodeRanger,
I just tested Sir Bob (Discombobulator) on Windows using Python 2.4 / Blender 2.42 / Blender 2.42a and could not duplicate your error. I have however come across the same error before somewhere, so the error may be related to something else.

It would be very helpful if someone has an answer to this error.

Also 2.42a is more stable, I think, try re-installing, Blender works fine even if you install an extra version in a different directory.
If Sir Bob works then, it may be some settings in your install affect it.

Want to test the power of your PC see how many times you can discombobulate a cube. Hmm, maybee I shouldn’t have suggested that.:smiley:

oh, actually I just turned off “copy mesh before discombobulating” and it worked fine! I did it three times to a cube and it worked, I bet I could do more. I have a pretty sweet machine…

also when I said 2.42 I meant 2.42a win32 build

hmm, maybe it’s something to do with the new ‘mesh’ modual as opposed to ‘nmesh’, it may need tweaking.

open the script in blender’s text editor then execute it from there. When the error pops up it may show which line of code is making the error. if it does, copy that line and a few above and below and post them and We might be able to figure it out… it could be just a bug.