Disconnected arm bones

Heya! So I’m rigging a model I made and somehow I messed up the armature, because the character’s arm bone disconnects from the hand when I try rotating it
I’ve tried the CTRL+P command to parent the bones, but it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything.

Is there a way I could fix this without having to remake the hand bones?
Thank you! :smiley:

LahytRig.blend (1.45 MB)

You wont have to redo it:

  • Pose Mode - Select All, Alt+R, Alt+G, Alt+S to clear all transforms
  • Edit Mode - Select the head of Hand.L, Shift+S > Cursor to Selected
  • Select the tail of Arm2.L, Shift+S > Selection to Cursor
  • Select Hand.L, Shift-Select Arm2.L, Ctrl+P > Connected

The hand is now parented to the arm.


BTW, I recommend you look into bone rolls