I just had a vision of this, in my vision everything was quite grey except for the light, in reality, I ended up going with color.

I noticed the picture looks really dark on my phone, so I did a lighter version.

What is it? I cannot seem to tell what the image is about.

They kinda look like lanterns

But actually I quite like the first version.

They are pieces of discarded junk electronic AI units I suppose. In a warehouse, one has become active or cognizant. As I say it was from a vision I had, sort of a flash, in my mind it was just about inspiration. Maybe a lesson, once in a while, that which we discount can surprise us, perhaps to no consequence other than artistic or perhaps inspirational. Maybe they are about people, how many waste their opportunities and end up being relegated to some place or function, but sometimes, one becomes aware of a higher purpose and finds new power in its awareness. They are things that I didn’t need to understand in my vision, But they were spherical and technologically capable of emitting light and being useful in that state I suppose. I like the first one too, but it didn’t show up on my phone, so if you enjoy it, you must have a screen like my computer where the dark mood/lighting enhances the picture. Ultimately it is just art now. I’d put it in my portfolio or in my home or on a studio wall… That is how I measure my art.