Discourse Updated to 2.3.0beta10

I have upgraded Discourse to 2.3.0beta10. Not a lot of user facing changes, except for one change in muted tags: if a topic has one muted tag, the entire topic will be muted, even if it has other un-muted tags. This helps to not see ‘nsfw’ topics, for example.

Full release log is here:


Sorry, if i missed a spot, but… How can a Topic be muted? I can’t seem to find any such tag :no_mouth:

In preferences - account - muted tags

Ahh-ha :slightly_smiling_face: so it is.
Silly me, had an impression user is able to “Tag” a Topic & mute it.

Q: Is Muting a Topic possible or if not, will it be?

Yes, you can mute a topic and never see it again, it’s in the tracking options:

A post was split to a new topic: Why can’t I ‘unlike’ a post?