Discovered Blenderstorm (need advice) ...

…and what a wonderful idea. Thank you jesterking.

The slowness of it bugs me though. I’ve read the reasons for this and certainly understand them, but still. Every time I visit the site I say to myself “How long could it take to just write my own?”. There are after all some features like e-mail & RSS subscriptions, personalized dashboard view, cookies, and others that I’d like to see.

I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes here, but to have such a useful community tool and see it under utilized due to the speed of the site, quite simply, bugs me. A lot.

So I’m posting this to get feedback from those that use the site. Of prime importance to me in this is to get jesterking’s thoughts.

@Jesterking: Is there anything I can do to help you? If it came down to me writing something would you be open to helping administer it? There’s also the issue of migrating data – As I certainly don’t want there to be two sites that do this for Blender. You started the first one (and again, thank you for doing so). I’d realy like to get your opinions on this as they are of prime importance here.

@Everyone else*: Your thoughts?

The slowness is due to the fact that I had to move the database off the host where the website is, and that became a server in Finland. I’m working on getting better hosting for this, but that is going to cost money so it’ll take a while before I’m ready with that. You can of course always chip in for the hosting costs and donate directly to the hosting bill: It would make it possible to get a better hosting plan that allows me to run the heavy database.

I’ve written about blenderstorm project on my blog (which incidently gets also aggregated into :wink: ). One of the things I’d like to do is some nice widgets to integrate into Planet Blender, too, btw. Something like the svn commit box and the builds box.

Anyway, I’m open for help in this area, of course :slight_smile: Most important would be 1) getting it all work on IdeaTorrent and 2) having better hosting for the database.

Thank you for your interest, let’s see what the community responds!


Jesterking-Funny, I was just thinking it would be nice to see it integrated w/ planetblender.
Thanks for the great site. Keep it going!

I’ll be soon getting some dedication for the databases, so the site should be faster then :slight_smile: