Discworld: Unseen University

I’m reading through the discworld series at the moment. decided to make something…
In the end i want 2 things, 1 - a model of the Unseen University. 2 - an image using the Model as a backdrop.

Model of the Unseen University

1 - Blocking - Done
2 - Basic Modelling pass - In Progress
3 - Basic texture pass - In Progress
4 - Grunge pass - Not Done
5 - Detail modelling/texture - Not Done
6 - Lighting / Camera - Not done

UPDATE - getting closer to the end of the modelling


This looks like a promising and solid start, Monk. And it will be interesting to watch what style you are going to develop for this.

I’d like to see your progress. Looks great so far.

First building roughly done


Slight problem with the textures when i moved/changed the lighting. Fixed now.


Heya, Monk :slight_smile: It looks that you’ve found some time for an old passion? Man, that was about time :slight_smile:

The artwork looks soo promising! This will be fun to watch while it grows.

Yay, you’re back! I like the style in this - I think it’s going to be a good one.

Good to see you back Monk. I’m not familiar with the discworld series, but it looks like a fun project. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Cheers for the encouragement guys. next bit done.


Done a bit more.

I’m liking the trees in the close up, less so from a distance…

Grass will change, only a place holder.

Light, obviously, will change a lot.


Part of the library now done.


You’ve had a busy day… looking great so far. Are you going to be incorporating any signage for any of the buildings?

It has a nicely done papercraft feel to it, though right now the realistic atmosphere seems to clash with the cartoon nature of the buildings.

May I ask what the Discworld series was?

Harley - yep, but not sure on the style yet

Ace - Teryy Prachett is an English author who is very popular over here (and i believe in the US) he is second only to JK Rowling in terms of sales. Unfortunately he has just died. Disc world is a comical/satire series of books (40 odd).

Material test:

I’m fairly confident when attempting Photo realism when it comes to textures, but this is new to me. I don’t want my usual NPR textures (watercolour/paper) i want there to be a bit more of a range. I’m starting with simplified photo realism (without going to extremes) then cutting out nodes until i like the look of something. the materials need to express the real world equivalent but not look like it… i’m finding it very hard to make the materials not look I’ve-just-learned-to-texture.

First pic: original texture
Second pic: cartoonified texture


Library done


Tree attempts. Which one is best for the scene? any opinions appreciated.


That’s difficult. I would take the second one - but with more leafs. Its working very well for the ivy in #10. So why not for the trees.

I like the fact that it’s not that opaque and thus transports the nature of plants better.

Cheers Minoribus

I’ve narrowed it down t these two…

I may do both.


Workflow all over the place…

Am i modelling? I am texturing? who knows?

New wood texture. Loving the new pointiness node.


Little bit more done