Disney/Pixar trailers - offline/broke???

I’ve been trying to look at the official Disney/Pixar trailers without much luck.

While I have been able to download and watch Ratatouille, I cannot get any of the Cars, Flushed Away or The Wild trailers to load at all (only trying “small”). I just get the Quicktime question mark (usually means missing media). A couple of the sites also seem to load incredibly slowly.

Is it just because I’m currently running at 33kbps or do others have the same problem? If it’s speed, I wonder why Ratatouille works fine? At first I thought it might be overload at Apple but Cars should be easier to access than Ratatouille in that case :frowning:

Do you mean 33kbps dial-up?? If so, I’d say that might be the problem. They’re fine for me.

In case you want some opinions on the movies, I thought The Wild was pretty good (what Madagascar should’ve been - you’ll like the animation quality) but Cars wasn’t. I didn’t like Cars much at all.

I’m looking forward to Ratatouille but Flushed Away looks rubbish.

Okay thanks. I’m on adsl but way over my d/l limit so my connect speed is strangled to 33k.

Oddly, some movies work fine, others not. I managed to download an 18mb HD version of a Cars trailer but couldn’t d/l a small version and still can’t get any version of Flushed Away or The Wild. I did get a small trailer for The Ant Bully (which looks a little odd) and upon revisiting Flushed Away, I got the opening screen and 25% of the video showed as loaded - instantly. I thought it must have been cached on my previous attempts so I tried again and just left it but - nothing. I guess it just a bit of put-luck with the connection speed.

I’ve seen Cars (the movie), I actually didn’t mind it - for what it was. I preferred it to Over the Hedge which I didn’t enjoy much at all.

I’m really just taking a look at these for educational purposes. Just a way to waste a couple of hours really. Oh, and to show the kids of course :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trying and see if I get better results when my limit is restored and I get back up to speed.

NOOOOOOOOOOO. Over the Hedge was much better: “but I like the cookie”. C’mon that movie was great. Some of the human animation was a bit too much but the tortoise and the manic squirrel were awesome.

The trailers work for me. The HD ones are fantastic (cable modems rock). Uh download limits? Man, what the #$%@ are they doin to you folks down there? If you pay as much as DSL costs here that really sucks big stinkin’… well, you know what.

All the flicks mentioned are good. Some more than others. I really liked Madagascar (um, squash and stretch, yes!). Of course Incredibles is the best so far imo.

Ratatouille is the one I’ve been anxiously awaiting ever since I heard Brad Bird took over as director. I wager that one will be better than any so far (story as well as animation). Come on summer of 07!

Yeah, it’s widely reported that our internet access is pretty sucky for a country that generally adopts technology faster than it can be produced.

I’m in regional Oz, so things might be slightly different in the cities- but even there, the fastest connections are slow by world standards. It’s one of the problems that comes from having an essentially uncompetitive telco market.

I run 256K at full speed and that gets me 500Mb for $25 (or is it $29?) a month. After 500Mb it’s throttled down to 72k for the next 100Mb then down to 30K therefater till the end of the month. Since finding Blender, with all the related CG video goodies that just have to be seen, that 500Mb tends to run out half-way through the month.

I just managed to d/l The Wild trailer. Hmmm. A British koala!?!? I guess you have to see it to understand that one (or maybe he’s supposed to sound Australian and we’re not meant to notice the pommie accent?).

What I am starting to notice is just a little too much churning. The Ant Bully has a pest guy who looks just like the one in Over the Hedge. All the ants in it look like Antz clones. The Wild, set in the New York zoo features a lion, giraffe and penguins who come to life when the zoo closes then let loose on the city… yet it isn’t a Madagascar sequel. Over the Hedge featured a hyper-active squirrel that went into overdrive after drinking something (can’t remember what) while Hoodwinked featured a hyper-active squirrel that went into overdrive after drinking something… hmmm. Seems Hollywood is still suffering a writer shortage.

Ratatouille definitely looks promising.

Yeah, I’m noticing that too. I think it’s bound to happen though when they keep using animals. I even noticed similarities between Scrat and the manic squirrel. I think we need more human character animations. Using animals all the time reeks of Disney.