Disney's "Frozen" Ice Palace columns material

I have a big problem. I’m trying to make those columns bright on the bottom and darker at top, but I can’t find way to do this :frowning: A t first I tried to use volume scatter and light up it’s bottom with point lamps, but it gets too dark on the top and also this material seems very rough with it.

Next time I tried with emmision from volume, but it made columns bright everywhere. And result is closest to my goal so far:

Those are bright on the bottom because it teg environment light which combined with glare node made them so bright. Look at another :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me how to make it as I desire, because I spend 2 weeks on this project and I want it to be perfect :slight_smile:

Here is a simple node setup. Change the rotation on the mapping for different effects. Instead of the diffuse, use your usual shader setup.

I hope this helps.

You could also encode emission color in a vertex color channel, and mix the two via an add shader node.

Thanks, but it works only with volume scatter, how to make it works without using it (as I said it makes column too rough)?

Can you give us a reference image of exactly what effect you are after. I am not sure exactly what you are after. Was the reference the last image in your original post?

The best effect I get on this yellow image.

I tried with volume scatter, but it’s too rough:

I want combine it with second emission like this. On preview it seems to work perfectly, but on the object it doesn’t :confused:

Personally I would leave the volume alone, unless you are prepared to use several thousand samples. You can fake it with the surface effect. If you need to have an internal glow, use a separate (smaller) mesh mixing the emission with a transparent or translucent node.