Disp wrinkles

Does anyone know where a good cloth displacement texture is. I need it to create some wrinkles or folds in a cloak.

Just make one yourself.

Try restricting yourself to “helpful” answers please. It’s the Q&A forum, not the Q&“Do it yourself” forum.

Do you want a texture to make the fabric pattern or just something for bigger creases/wavy folds? If for the latter, you could try mapping a cloud texture, high noise size, 0 for noise depth and stretching it on one axis.


lol^ and Im not sure how to make a disp that would work right for the effect I want.
her is the pic
Still much work to be down im just using this for another scene but anyway I want the fabric to be more natural you know with folds and stuff.
I would model it like that but it is already subsurf like 3 or 4 times over so their are to many verticies to model it so I thought mabye disp maps would be my solutiun but Iam not sure where to find one or how to make one that would work right.

In the texture buttons click the last button that says disp. on it.

Im not a noob I know that the problem is a texture an acually image that will work to create the right displacement . Thanks for your answer though

I can’t seem to get displacements working in Blender at all. I map a noise texture to the disp value but it doesn’t affect the surface even with the disp value at max. If someone can point me to a blend file with displacements on, I would appreciate it.

Sometimes it distorts the overall shape but it never looks anything like when I map to nor, which it should except the surface should be adjusted. When doing disp, should I always have nor switched on?

Anyway, for wrinkles on a face, you might get away with just using bump-mapping i.e. using nor because they are so small. I don’t know where to get displacement maps. A resource for free ones would be very handy.

I think R2Blend might be right in that you would be better making one. That way you get one custom made for your specific purpose. You can make one using a 2d program like Gimp by making a black & white image where one of the extremes (black or white) represents the largest displacement - it doesn’t matter which because you can flip it. Then grey is used for displacements between the extremes.

To do wrinkles, you could make black & white stripes first and then inside the white stripes do a gradient from black to white to black.

Usually you would need a high subdivide/subsurf level for smooth displacement, you can also try the noise button in the edit buttons, that will physically displace your mesh based on the disp. slider in the shader window.