Dispenser WIP 2

and close to finishing this dispenser. working with UDIM Mapping for maximum detail:cool:

The blender logo background distracts from the picture. Amazing metal part, the with the turn handle that looks so real to me. The balls should not all be readable. some will be turned. it is so weird that I can read all of them as though every gumball is faced the exact same way… very eery feeling! (Unless you are trying to creep the audience out, I suggest you turn some of them.) The green color may be realistic with chipped paint and all but I find the bright green too distracting. Shinier gumballs! Put this in a beautiful scene! :slight_smile: It will be awesome!

The metal parts are awesome, also the grunge on the plastic at the borders between plastic and metal. Actually the whole model is awesome. The green paint below is indeed not that fitting, pure brushed metal or another hue of red would maybe fit better.

minor adjustments: the gumballs at the right front edge would never stay on top of each other. normaly the bottom of the glasbox is build like a funnel.

iron looks awesome, the green color beneath the paint damage needs some dirt.