Displace Modifier - Too much?

Hello - I have a problem to pick at. When I add a texture to a mesh, using Displace Modifier to actually give it texture, I too often have Blender entirely crash and shut down on me. This happens on any computer I’ve used, even with 2 GB of RAM - So, my question is - Can I fix this problem, or is it that the computer cannot take it? I figured it should, though, because I’ve had successful moments. At one time, I added a displace modifier to a human face with 70% of weight paint to control it (70% refers to the amount I painted to the face ) - And the program ran slow often, but never crashed. Later on, I added the same texture of displacement to a different mesh, even at a lower strength to start with - and Blender crashed.
I really would like to solve this, because I’m not going to continue with blender without seeing some sort of texture on my characters. I’m no expert at the problem solving here, but often I think it is because I will often add a subsurf modifier to the UV at a depth of 4 - Could this be one of the issues, and is it even needed?

Is this happening at render time, or during OpenGL viewing of the mesh in the window?

Maybe your graphics card is having issues and not Blender.


blender has a 2 gig RAM limit, which means that even on a 1 gig RAM computer I can still crash blender if the total amount of RAM it uses is more then 2gigs. It can do that because of virtual memory.

What does your console say just before crash? Probably malloc() returns nil - which mean you have run out of memory. Working with dense meshes is ram-hungry.

I am constantly told the problem is my OS - Vista. Blender will often crash before rendering - It’s in the window viewing the mesh. Nothing is said during or after the crash, because Vista automatically either shuts the program down or freezes.
Usually this happens when I first open a .blend file, or just barely add the displacement. The program will shut down or my computer will freeze. I have seen one instance of my graphics card crashing - I unwrapped a UV map and viewed it in the buttons window, and was told that my card failed and was rebooted or something - But that was the only time. (Probably because I am extremely new to UV mapping, and didn’t do it right)

Throw it out and go Open!
So it’s probably a dual-core, in which case I’m thinking it’s not your computer’s RAM. My Ubuntu, on the same system, can’t do a lot of stuff in Blender. Not too worried because I like this half the system better.
Check your drivers, at least.
Wait… you do have a graphics card, right?