Displace problem

Hi all,

I use 2.73 version, but the problem appeared with earlier versions, too.
I made a chameleon model with Displace modifier. It succeeded, but the chameleon became distorted (as you can see below picture).
There are some strange extensions as if some areas twisted.

Can somebody help me?

The 4th inner image on the attached image is the texture image for the Displace modifier.


Too little info !
No blend file supplied with the post so we know nothing about the texture, how you’ve mapped it, displace settings, model properties etc.

Check your texture is correct
If the model has any scale or rotations apply them with Ctl+A
Check your texture mapping is correct
Check your displace modifier settings show the correct texture and correct texture mapping and correct displacement direction

Did I also mention you didn’t supply a demo blend file that shows the problem as you should do FOR ALL support questions

I thought the easiest way show the blend file. I would like to attach the blend file, but it seems the Attachments manager does not work. I tried to upload the file more times, but it does not appear in the window, the manager returned without result. The size of the files is 9.9 MB. Maybe did this cause?

I have tried several times to upload the .blend, but nothing to change. No error message, no result.

As I could not upload the file into this thread, I added to ExpireBox:


If somebody wants to help me, she/he can download from there.

After being displaced, some of the displaced surfaces intersect each other. Displacement will not correct that. You could correct it, modulating the base strength with a vertex group.

In any case, it would be better if you first cleaned the topology a bit. It seems like you did some edit mode subdivisions, then threw the subsurf modifier on top. The chameleon shape would be more organic if you undid all those subdivs, and relied more on the subsurf modifier, applying and correcting until you get a good shape.


Thanks for the help.
Could you offer a good description about this topic?
First part of your answer is a little complex for me. Should I separate the model into vertex groups?