Displacement map along surface normals?

Hy there,

just need to displace one displacement map on onther displacement map (without displace
modifier), means to work just with nodes of two displacement maps,
The base mesh is just a plane, and then displace peak is from one node, mixed with other tiled displace dots, but second displacement (tiled dots) need to be extruded along normals on first peak displacement?

So , how to do that, just with nodes, not dislpace modifier?


I don’t think you can do it in nodes-- at least, not without a bake step. which I don’t think would make you happy. (There’s some hidden order of operations stuff going on that prevents you from getting the normal from a bump node, because the bump node thinks that it needs to know true displacement before evaluation to know the normal on which to operate.)

There’s no way to do that unless you find a way to create an output from the material output, because there is where displacement occurs and it takes in account the mesh of your object. To create a second layer of displacement you should be able to use the first material output as the start point for a second material layer, but the material output node has no output sockets.

Ok, yes at first i thought it can be done somehow maybe with baking normals from first displacement
map node in node editor, or separating it with separate XYZ and combine XYZ node,
or even maybe do it somehow with vector displacement map.

Thanks anyway.

Yes, you can do that. Displace once, then bake object space normals to an .exr (for signed floating point values). Then you can do an object space vector displacement, with a vector equal to this normal times your height. But you end up with something that is appropriate only for that exact bake, which also means that exact mesh (since the normals depend on the base mesh.)