Displacement not appearing in render view (Cycles)

UPDATE: No idea what went wrong, but I remade it from scratch and it had no issues this time. Help no longer needed!

Blender Noob here (about 3 months in),
So I learned how to do a bas-relief for a coin using Displacement modifiers to make it actually 3D instead of a messy bump or a flat image giving a false-3D appearance. However, when rendering(or viewing in Render preview), the displaced face shows up black, yet you can see it in the reflection of the mirror base below it(See image below). Also it shows up fine in literally every other view except Rendered view.

I thought it may have been a compositor problem but unchecking it from my post-processing and deselecting “Use Nodes” didn’t change anything so I’m a bit lost as to what to do. I also messed with various values of Emission Strength with no changes.

Any clue what it could be?

Note: No Nodes were used for the displacement. I just have a Principled BSDF for the shiny metal surface.
Render View:

Material View: