Displacement not working properly in Blender 2.8 Help needed

Hello, please, can you help me with a little problem- ive used MicroDisplacement before in 2.79 and all worked fine. Now, I have this problem, that all my displacements get slanted like this (see image).

I am actually following Gleb alexandrovs tutorial step by step and I still get this result. The only thing I found was that the Displacement setting in Shader tab changed from True/Bump/Both changed to Displacement and Bump/Displacement only/Bump Only but it seems to be working the same way…

Can somebody help me, tell what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you! Martin

You need to use Displacement Node. It’s a new node, his tutorial might be slightly older. Notice blue (vector) socket on displacement input at Material Output node.


Thank you so much, I didnt have the faintest idea about this node :smiley:

You’re welcome (:

hey man, how did it work for you, where did you put the displacement node ? can you please send a screenshot of it ? and how did you manege to set it to true ?

You can take a look at this tutorial: