Displacement Tests


Some tests using true displacement textures.
Everything is done with Blender and rendered with Cycles.
Raw renders without comp or post production. 200-300 samples.
I dont know how to upload images without losing quality, it keeps compressing them.
If you interested you will have to enlarge the images to appreciate all the details, because the attached thubnails, well they look so crispy.


Some more tests.


Very nice - pretty photo-realistic too. How did you make these?

More Tests.


Few more tests.


Top view clay from my last tests


your tests look great.are the displacement maps,particle objects made from 3d scans?making displacement maps from images doesn’t seem to give this quality.

Thanks!! I don´t know what is the exactly technic the original author of this textures uses, but reading a bit he say the scans have: “More than 60.000.000 dense-points”, “Polygon-objects with over 10.000.000 faces”. Hope it helps. I just want to try the new Micro-Displacement feature that is under development with some true dispacement textures. They give tons of detail, i agree.

Nice work! amazing displacement

. [Quote = elShaco; 3041082] algunas pruebas más [/ quote]
Can you share the node tree and the modifier maps? This textures are amazing!!
Ty for u post elShaco

Hey man, thanks!! i will try to talk in english cuz i think there is a rule in this forum that we can only talk english.
I will put here the links where i got some of stuff i used to make these tests:

Reflection Complex Node from: CynicatPro.
BumpFix Node from Secrop.

Hope it helps!!


oh, thanks!!! Why you put invert node in the roughness and specular? where is the Glossy Texture?