Hi to all the Blender users. I am in need of a little help here, and i will be grateful if someone could help me or direct me to the right place that has all the info that i need. OK here we go. First things first. I currently know how to use Blender and Luxrender all together, in terms of how to model and texture them, but there is something else that i seriously need to know, and if i don’t i’ll die(not really, but similar, lol). That important thing is… Displacement. I understand that Blender uses gray scale pictures for displacement. But how do you go about in doing this? First i need to now how to displace the gray scale picture on to an object than apply the real colored picture on to that displaced object, so i can get more realistic looking object. I messed around a bit but was frustrated after a while. So pleas if you can tell me in detail how to do all this, pleas tell me. I have looked up every where on the internet on how to displace, but only got little portions of it, and wasn’t a full complete info’s. Remember, i don’t want bump map, i want displacement. So pleas let me know, it’ll be a great help. Thanx

Assign a grey scale image into your texture channel using uv mapping is probably best. You will find displacement under the modifiers tab, there is an input box where you can enter the name you have given your texture, if using uv then set it as the texture co ordinates. The effect can’t be seen if you are in edit mode.

First, the search button of this forum is your friend. And you have neglected him.

say you have a plane,
select it, editmode ( TABKEY), WKEY + Subdivide 2-3-4x times,
F6 (texture panel), instead of NONE choose IMAGE, now load a picture ( say it’s your image for displacement).
Now F5, the material tab, in MAPTO, push the ‘DISP’ button and deselect ‘COL’ ( coz’ you want a different pic for the color). You vary the height of the displace with the ‘Disp’ slider.
And that’s all for displacement. I’v made it quick. You have the idea and the buttons:).

For the picture to color that plane:
F6,click on the slot below the first texture, ADD NEW, IMAGE,LOAD
F5, MAPTO, you verify ‘COL’ is pushed (Yes it is:D)

It was my skinny help…

There is also a displace modifier, which allows you to see the results in real time. wiki.blender.org is also your friend!

Thank you all and i will try that. And one more thing. is it a good idea to displace in Blender than go to Luxrender? Or do you have to do it in Luxrender for the displacement part? Thanx


is it this you want to achieve ?

Thanks for the link, but apparently the site is having some difficulties to open it up, i’ll try that some other time. Let me ask you another question. After applying the color texture in Luxrender, do i use the gray scale version of that texture to displace? Thanx

Yes that’s the one i’m talking about. But the problem is, the tutorial is not step by step. I have managed to learn how to do displacement with grays scaling and adding colored textured to it in Blender, but i don’t know how to do this in Luxrender. Is it me or doesn’t it look like Luxrender doesn’t really have complete tutorials or really step by step tutorials like others have. If you can direct me or tell me how you would do this in Luxrender step by step, you’ll be full of awesomeness. Thanx in advance.

Sorry Johnny, I’m not a Luxrender user. For your Luxrender-specific-problem, it would be good to ask on their forum. If you didn’t…