display 3d in web for free?

hi. Im searching for a way to display 3d content in web… It also needs to be interactive…so you should be able to move a simple object…turning the camera around it.And you should also be able to display the object WITH TEXTURES.

So in fact of this, I thought on vrml, because it needs to be free! So there are different formats which are supported…but not the blender format.

Maybe anyone can help me with this.

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If you make a blender game then you can embed it in a webpage with the 3D web plugin (possibly only with the 2.25 version, I don’t think the plugin has been maintained since the opensourcing and the recent return of the game engine)

you must either go for ActiveX (blender, … forgot zhe other’s names) on IE or the corresponding plugin for Mozilla compliant browsers. Or you take a java-player, like “blaxxun” (long time ago i used it, maybe still freee and still available). it’s a VRML viewer purely in JAVA, scriptable via JavaScript and with different view-modi, including textured. try blaxxun.com

Hi… i never used the blender-web plugin, but you’re right… Its possibly one of the best solutions to-do. Now Ive just got one question: Which way I need to follow from the textured model in blender to the final plugin in IE? Is there any good tutorial out for this?

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A lot of people use Quicktime VR for this task:


You can also use shockwave 3D:


The Blender 3D plugin is not widely used and I think that everyone who wants to look at your stuff will have to download the plugin. With shockwave and quicktime, the plugins are normally preinstalled.

I’m not entirely sure on how Blender exports to these and if I was using Blender for modelling, I would check out the VRML route. It would at least allow people who don’t use Windows to look at your web content as I think the Blender 3D plugin is Windows only.

so with both possibilities, there’s still the same problem: they’re both commercial products. I need it for free… =/


hey theres this program for the internet thats a html script and u upload .obj files and it opens it on the web and ur able to rotate move and edit vertices!!!

Just search HTML 3D VIEWER and im sure u can find it!

Sorry, I forgot they were commercial, though I think there are ways of producing QTVR for free. Anyway, I think VRML is probably your best bet so check out: