Display Grid and 3D View Clipping

Hi -

I’m relatively new to Blender. I’m trying to do some visualization and trying to work to scale 1 Blender Unit = 1 inch.

My object is somewhat large 240 x 60 x 300, and I have run into some interface issues that I can’t seem to work out.

  1. When I view directly along an axis, I can see the grid in the background and it re-sizes as I zoom. As soon as I move the view a little off axis, the display grid instantly changes to a much smaller version (or it is the same as the original and it is not adjusting to the size of the object). Any way to maintain the view of the grid in an oblique view?

  2. I also sometimes run into clipping problems - usually with the far part of the object. Sometimes these affect one window but not another. How can I control the clipping depth of the view (not for a camera).

Thanks for any help!

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In answer to your second question: View>View Properties in the 3D window brings up a window in which you can alter the clipping for the view.

Thanks! Any ideas why the display grid disappears when I am off axis? (Or is that just normal).


I think that’s normal. If you’ve left it on, you should still be able to see the Grid Floor (rereading your original message I think the small grid you can see is the Grid Floor).

You can alter the Grid Floor using the options in View Properties. I think you just need to increase the number of Lines.

Many thanks, rawpigeon! Part of my problem was not knowing the right terminology for some of these things.

The clipping issue is solved, and I can increase the number of lines in the Grid Floor (although it has a limit at 100.)

Appreciate your assistance!