Display List Problem

Hey. I am working with the speed up version of the bge and I have come up with a problem with my cycles when I turn on Generate Display Lists. My bones are not making him look like he is walking, but more like a very bad human gallop animation, or a “Charlie Brown” dance move run. I’m not sure I can have an example file, but I will try to get some screens or a video going of it.

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot.




Only a screenshot is not very helpful. Please provide the smallest .blend file possible with which I can reproduce the problem and please make sure this problem is only in the version with the speedup patch applied(and not also in the 2.45).

Okay. The problem is also in 2.45, I was just using it in the speedup patch. I’ll send the file momentarily…
Here is the Simplified Version. Please notice that the knight belongs to Turin Turambar and so does the textures, but I am using these under his permission, and the animation was made by me and for War Of Myas and that only.

I downloaded the file. You may remove it if you want.
I won’t use it for anything else other than debugging blender.

Thanks ovidiu!