Display Problems

When running blender some of the things do not show up. Such as: the square a using box select, dynamic object bounds, area lights areas, wind guides and spiral guides. Its only little things like that and the whole thing run pefectly fine execpt for it. My computer specs are:

3.0 ghz dual core pentium 4
512 mb ram
I’m not sure about the graphics card, i think it might be onboard.


Some of the Display items mentioned there could help.


No, that doesn’t help. I think it might be to do with with my graphics driver. Any ideas?

Depends what card you have; if it is onboard there’s not much you can do but update the drivers. If it’s ATI then the latest drivers aren’t always the best, but it depends on what model. Some ATI’s give no trouble at all. If your card supports OpenGL then it’s probably right there is your p[roblem.


I updated the display driver and now everything is fine execpt on emptys. The wind guides nd such do not show up unless they are on something other than an empty.