display slow blender

The blender interface does not response when I click the buttons or key in the text. It change only when I move the mouse cursor away from the button and the text bar.

My laptop is with Intel core 2 duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz 4GB OF RAM. Is this enough for blender.

Sounds like you have an intel GPU, that’s the culprit. Are you running on a laptop?

Yes I’m running blender in laptop. Any solution for the problem I mentioned?

Many Thanks

can any body reply me


as far as i’m aware, no. Intels support for applications is, quite frankly terrible. The blender foundation spoke to an intel rep. at the SIGGRAPH 2009 event and had to ask for better Intel support for 2.5, as far as i’m aware 2.5 does perform alot better on Intel cards, but the Intel cards still lack the supporting features, either in hardware and/ or software to work with blender, which is unfortunate, but there is nothing that can be done atm.

I’d try playing around with your intel settings, try turning off AA, if it’s enabled, if the problems persist try running blender with the hardware acceleration turned off, it’ll be slow, but it may be better than what the Intel chip can do.

dear daniel,

do you mean blender perfrom better in apple computer?

How about AMD processor? Does it better than intel for blender?

intel’s video chipset(gpu)/drivers is(are) the problem, not the cpu.

unless you mean amd video card(gpu) rather than processor(cpu) in your last post, that is…

intel cpu’s work just great btw.

thankyou felix

now i know the problem is on the graphic card