Display text at runtime with UPBGE (like counts, status, messages, etc.)

I’ve searched a long time for a short tutorial for the UPBGE, which shows how you can dynamically output text at runtime. I haven’t even found a solution in the documentation of the UPBGE. So here is my short description of how to output counters, values and messages as text in the UPBGE at runtime of a game. No Pyhton programm need!

  1. you need a text object. This is not a mesh. It’s a special text object. You can add this to your scene with the Add command.
  2. Assign your text to the object like this


At runtime the result is linke this…
The timer counts the seconds with the first actuator property.
The second actuator property copy the value from the first property to the text object.
If the first property has detected that the value in the first sensor property has changed, a positive impulse is sent to the actuator property.


Have fun,