Distance from Origin


So I have a really basic question.

I have a blender file with multiple meshes in it.

I have moved those meshes around to where I want them, and then used ctrl-A to apply the new position and scale.

Now, however, I need to know each mesh’s distance from the origin. Usually this would be located in the transform box (where you can input location/rotation/scale numerically), but because I have pressed apply, these all show 0.

How can I find these values?

If the location of all the objects is <0, 0, 0>, it means that all their origins are at the center of the scene.

You shouldn’t have applied the location. (To be honest, after having used this function once to see what it does, I’ve never used it again.)

Any way… To fix all your objects, select them all and set their origin back to their geometry at once.

[SHIFT CTRL ALT C] --> Origin to Geometry
(or) Button “Origin” in the Tools shelf (a.k.a. [T] panel on the left) --> Origin to Geometry
(or) Menu “Object” --> Transform --> Origin to Geometry

That’s all. :eyebrowlift:

I’m not sure you are using the correct terminology. You say origin but I think you mean to say the center of the 3d view; where pop into existence. Maybe I’m wrong in assuming this. You have to know more than a little blender to know what ctrl a does after all. If however this is in fact you problem then the easiest way to find out how far they’ve moved from center is to press shift c to center the view and return the 3d cursor to the center. Then click on the object > transform > origin to 3d cursor. then tab into edit mode and press N to open the n menu and look at the top where it says median. That is the info you are looking for.

I use it sometimes to have origin go to center with less keypresses. Partially because I’ve set my default scene to make use of the default cube as quickly as possible.

I have it like that. If I need to make a test scene with a backdrop or floor, I can add a plane to make or link in a backdrop. If I need the default cube in its original location, I could just alt+G to reset the location. If I need a cube that scale from its base (to make and adjust multiple duplicates for example), I can apply the location.

Thank you all for the replies.

The reason I was applying location is that the meshes are for an OGRE project, and if you do not apply the transformations they are not exported to the mesh file (thus, regardless of where the objects were positioned in Blender, they all appear at (0,0,0) in Ogre).

However, as the first replier suggested, I have reset the locations and have opted to specify them manually in Ogre, which I think is a better solution in the long run.

Thanks again.