Distinguishing separate entities with milkshape

So I import a psk model into milkshape, but the problem is that one of the hands has two different positions on it. What I mean is you can see the fingers closed and the fingers open merged together when you see the texture in the viewpoint.

However, the two different positions of the fingers are not separated by groups. In fact they are part of the entire body group. Thus I want only one of the hand positions, but I can’t seem to find a way to delete the one I don’t want. When I view the wireframe there are too many vertices to manually distinguish between the two. Is there some special way to distinguish between the two overlapped meshes?

I guess my situation is similar to if you moved an object into another object so that their meshes overlapped, except you don’t have groups separating the objects. I will post a picture later since I can’t right now.


You can see how the hand is duplicated except with a different pose. Also the wireframe is really ugly to deal with. If you know how to fix this with blender as opposed to milkshape, i’d still be happy to know as well.