Distorted HDRI reflections, any solution?

Hi, everyone

I was trying to mimic completely the mirrorball I used to shoot de HDRI, and put the 3D ball side by side with the real to be sure that any 3D object will fit perfectly match, as the ball. everything is fine, but there`s a nasty distortion going on;
anyone knows how to solve this?

thank you!

Try increase the subdivision of the ball

cauebravim, I can see in your left sphere that isn’t smooth. If you look closely you can see the geometry of the sphere (little “squares”). Use subdivision surface modifier and increase the values (especially render) :slight_smile:

Abraço :wink:

the problem happened because it was too lowres when I created the sphere, only 32 (and then applied zillions of subdivsion in the modifier). this time I gave 128 subdivision initially and now the results are what I was expecting;
Thank you for the answers! :slight_smile: