Distorted Reflections

Is there any way to distort reflections in the internal renderer? In real life, reflections bend, distort, and expand depending on where you are viewing (look at a window from far away).

I don’t really know, but just a thought…Could the distortions be caused by subtle distortions of the reflective plane? ( a window is not really a perfect plane).

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That’s probably true, but I need a way to fake distorted reflections without heavily subdividing a mesh and then putting tiny little changes in it… Maybe a normal map?

That’s simple, although you will still need to subdivide the plane some in order to achieve that, but you wouldn’t have to make the tiny changes yourself.

If you want to know how, even though you have to subdivide the plan, i’ll post a tutorial.:smiley:

Maybe materials and/or nodes?

You could subdivide the mirror, then apply a displacement map using the clouds texture and a fairly low displacement value. don’t forget to “set smooth” the mirror.

I know what displacement is :wink:

I’ll probably stick with displacement. Oh, and I also know what set smooth is :smiley:


Set a Texture as a Reflection Map with Nor on it (play with the Nor setting in the posted file). Also look in the Colorband at the Brightness and Contrast settings and the RGB values applied to the RefMap texture.


You are possibly one of the most helpful people on the forum- thank you!

EDIT: You forgot to pack the textures with the .blend. Your tip still helped me though. Problem solved. Thank you everyone!