Distortion or unwanted reflection?

Hope you can see that clearly, I’m assuming this is a reflection of the stone material, on the rubber material. Or perhaps it’s some sort of distortion, because I feel that it shouldn’t be that reflective. If more information is required or a better picture let me know. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

This is my first time in this forum, but I’ve become a blender zealot over the last few months, now I’m trying to get a handle on textures.


Well we do not have access to your scene or texture because you’ve failed to supply any .blend file to review, so you are making it as hard as possible for anyone to help you !!

First thing you should do is to check for duplicate/overlapping meshes and that all face normals are pointing outwards (enable face normals display in properties panel in edit mode)

I’d upload the blender file but it doesn’t seem to be working. I should use the attachments button right?

OK, there was a mysterious extra mesh hiding in there. But for future reference how do I upload blender files?

You upload them to mega.co.nz , megaupload or dropbox.