Here is my latest personal project, This began as a small test of the colour managment settings in the scene panel. It then evolved into an entire scene.

I have taken a very different approach to lighting than i usually take in this scene, It is ambiently lit by a very dull HDR, 2 negative lights and 2 positive lamps. I used the negative lighting to draw energy away from the backdrop of the scene, in an attempt to draw the viewers eye to the focal points of the image. I also found that the negative lighting created a great contrast between high and low tones.

I used a linear sRGB colour space with the “Film View” enabled and the look set to “Kodak DSCS 3155”. I then altered the exposure and gamma values, and also altered the curves of each colour to fine tune the final look of the image.

Composition was achieved using a combination of Blenders compositor, krita (for 32bit EXR editing) and photoshop :slight_smile:

Render time was very long, at a total time of 16 hours 42 minutes! good job i have patience lol!
Blender 2.78 RC2_Cycles – 2800 samples – GTX660

be sure to click the image to view it in full resolution :wink:

(Had to convert this to a JPEG in order to upload full resolution)

Hope you like it! let me know what you think :slight_smile: comments and critiques are very welcome :smiley:

Here is an AO render of the scene :slight_smile:

and here is the colour management panel :slight_smile:

Composition nodes :slight_smile:

Heres a quick Top-Down render of the scene.

I only rendered this with 1000 samples and a low resolution to keep the render time low :slight_smile:

Quickly Rendered out a new image of the scene.

I had to optimize the scene a little bit, because i was getting tired with the really long render times!
I reduced the samples to only 1000 (Down from 2800) . I Also lowered the bounce count rather drastically (about a 50-75% reduction) So the look of the materials may be slightly different, but i don’t think the quality has been impacted much, other than a little bit of visible grain… plus the smaller resolution of the render :slight_smile:

Anyway, here it is.

let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I’m gonna render out a couple more angles when i get time tomorrow :slight_smile:
my P.C’s fans make too much noise and keep everyone in the house up at this time! No night time rendering for me :spin: lol