Distribute different objects as a default function?

Hi everyone! I’m interested why don’t to add a simple distribution objects in align tools panel like in photoshop? I know Distribution add on exist and costs only 10 dollars, but I don’t need complex system of it. I’d like to have a simple creation an even space between objects by default and in one click. It should be a basic thing I suppose. Is this a right place where I can ask about it?

Changed the area to Basics & Interface since it was a Feature Request/Question.

There is already the array modifier that will distribute to whatever specs you want, though not between different objects…and there is also the addon included in Blender of the align tools, used to align the location, rotation, or scale of selected objects to the active object on the specified axes. But that is a bit different than your request …

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that’s the thing. It’s all not about distribute objects :slight_smile:
I know about array and align tools. And I know some tricks how to do it, but it’s not so fast and simple like in photoshop for example. So question is still open