Distribute objects along a local axis


I have these windows >

But I have extended the wall to the right now and I would like to space the windows along the new wall, equidistant to each other and preferably equidistant to the edges of the wall as well.

The building is rotated away from the local axes and so anything I do, needs to be along local axes.

I’ve seen a few add-ons that distribute along global axes and I can’t seem to get the Oscurart add-on to work either. Not sure why.

Does anyone know a way I can do this?

Many Thanks

you could for example keep only one segment and duplicate it with the snap and auto-merge enabled, or use the Array to repeat it

Thanks moonboots!

I was hoping that I could place a window at either end of the wall and evenly space the others in-between, but I don’t think it’s going to work like that.

I’ve just found that the Transform Location button has moved to a Location tick box in the Options menu.
With this I can scale the origins along the local x axis without affecting the window dimensions.\

I will keep trying!