Distribute objects/vertices/edges/faces in space

There’s a family of transformations I’d like to be able to do, but can’t quite figure out how. I’ve spent about an hour searching for documentation, so please excuse my posting this question.

Here’s an example. How do you distribute a bunch of vertices evenly along a line? For example, you have 12 vertices and you want to put the middle 10 at equal distances along a line between the end points. Then I have the same question applied to objects. (I know about the array modifier, but I just want to do this once.)

More concretely, suppose I have a bunch of vertices selected. I can get them all onto the Z axis with, say S SHIFT-Z 0. But now I want them evenly distributed.

The next similar operation I want is to distribute things evenly along a curve, such as a circle.

The next operation I want is to do this in two or three dimensions. In two dimensions this is like straightening out the mesh of a slightly wrinkled cloth so that it’s flat – like ironing it! In three dimensions it’s like evening out a distorted lattice.

If you have clues as to how to do any of these things I’d be grateful.


to evenly verticies along a straight line

i would remove all verticies along between the first and last vertex then add an edge and subdivide it in N segments


Thanks for the suggestion Ricky, but the vertices in question are attached to a mesh that I can’t modify.

why you cannot modify the mesh ?

i mean if you want t change the location of vertices than you have to be able to mdoify it ?

can you show pic !


Ricky, there are lots of reasons I want to do this without deleting vertices.

  1. The vertices are connected to the rest of the mesh in complicated ways I don’t want to re-create by hand.

  2. The faces are connected to UV layouts (yes, more than one!) that I can’t re-create by hand.

  3. The vertices might have other properties, like vertex colours, that I don’t want to delete.

I am looking for a way to move things (and not just vertices) so that they are evenly distributed in space.

Most of all, I want to do this a lot, and quickly.

i think there may be a script from Crouch that might help you here

called loops tools check out the python forum

i think it has a feature for equal space but you hve to look further into this
Curve loop - Blender Artists Forums.mht


Geom Tool should help you evenly space vertices: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=81876

However, your other answer hasn’t been answered: How to evenly distribute objects.

Anyone have an answer for this?